Namaste Noble Warriors!

So, i’m sitting here in Durango – Mecca of Outdoor Athlete Champions…surrounded by a first snow, with my first Nordic Ski Race coming up in one week (a 10k Classic) –

with a severely inflamed right knee*.

So, it’s odd to be thumping the WF Temple Gong as loud as i can to get as many of you Noble Warriors to Register in order to Toe The Start Line with me for two out the 3 Traditional Southwest WF Pilgrimages:  Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon (faithfully accomplished by Venerable WF Master Student Fit Kit last year in the Solo Division!)  and the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (celebrating their 40th Anniversary).   I’ve made both events a Traditional Testing Time (Pilgrimage) for myself and all WF Students and Fans since the early eighties.   The third Pilgrimage, The Imogene Pass Run d0es not open registration yet for several months.  I’ve arranged these Pilgrimages so that students like myself are inspired to keep our skills in cardio, strength endurance, and mental tenacity high throughout the year:


Tribal Note:  No WF Student yet has accomplished all three Pilgrimages (as a Soloist in Each)  in a calendar yet.   Be the First!   i’ve done the WF Pilgrimage Grand Slam 5x since i began attempting these wonderful quests in the early eighties.


ilg@taylor 2010

Last year at Mt. Taylor;  i and Dara Marks from Flagstaff won the Mixed Pairs Division,  my 12th podium so far at this most Revered of my “3 Traditional WF Sport Pilgrimages.”   i plan to defend with local Durango MTKA; Dana Shinn.  (MTKA; Moms That Kick Ass)

Pilgrimage #1: The Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon – high altitude (over 11,000′) multi-disciplined event;  13 mile uphill Road Race into a 5-mile uphill footrun into a 2-mile super steep nordic ski(n) up, into a 1 mile snowshoe to the summit of the Sacred Peak of the South; Tsidool or Mt. Taylor.  Oh, then you have reverse everything back to the town of Grants, New Mexico.  42-miles.

Season: Winter   (always Presidents Day Weekend in mid-February)

Location: Grants, New Mexico


Coach’s Note: Registration  is OPEN NOW!   i plan to be there to defend my Mixed Pairs Title with HP Yogini from Durango, Dana Shinn.  WF Online Student, Julie “PY” Mueller is currently training to take this Pilgrimage for the first time as a Soloist and never having been on nordic skis…ever!   How about you?   You the got the CHI of Student Julie!?!  i know you do!  Traditional lodging used to be at the Leisure Lodge…now, at Comfort Inn, Grants, New Mexico.



at the top of Molas Pass, the final of two 11,000′ passes, at the 2009 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.  i finished 5th in my AG Omnium Event (RR+TT+CR).

Pilgrimage #2: The Iron Horse Bicycle Race  – 50 miles over 2, 11,000′ mountain passes in mercurial early spring San Juan weather.

Season: Spring   (Memorial Day Weekend)

Location: Durango, Colorado


Coach’s Note: Registration opened only a few days ago and is already reaching the limit…sign up NOW!   if you are not really a bike racer, yet seek to complete this WF Pilgrimage;  sign up for the Citizens Tour (50 miles over 2, 11,000′ mountain passes).  WF Training Discounts available upon your Registration.



just dropping off  the 13,114′ Imogene Pass in 2009.  last year i cracked the top 20 AG for the first time in decades…never give up on a Pilgrimage;  for the Gods are Watching closely!

Pilgrimage #3: The Imogene Pass Run – high altitude (over 13,000′) mountain footrace;  9 miles up, 7 straight down.

Season: Late Summer/Autumn   (always the 2nd weekend in September)

Location: Ouray-to-Telluride, Colorado


Coach’s Note: Registration opens June 1st, 2011. Please mark your calendar and register early to avoid disappointment.  Any WF Student that beats Coach’s time (regardless of Age) gets special merit awards.


See You On The Start Line, Oh Noble Warriors Of Wholeness!

head bowed,

coach ilg

* = a few days ago i committed the cardinal rule violation of professional yoga teaching;  i was in a private session,  demonstrating a deep hip opener,  noticed something awry about the alignment of my student,  got out of the posture too quick, and BAMO,   my right know just collapsed.  the beginning of this inner-jury however began when i sustained my 4th career high impact crash on my right hip during a bike race in New Mexico which set up a serial distortion through my right leg, manifesting an imbalance at my knee…let it be known that in traditional ilg fashion,  i’ve taken no pills, seen no doctor…only consulting with Brahman’s Divine Healing Wisdom and Light within painful meditations, pranayams, and asanas.   oh, i’ve doubled my MAP Amino Intake and have kept the knee saturated with SUNRIDER’s SunBreeze.   i’m going to try skiing today…wish me healing chi from the snow gods!

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