mom in pool

photo; The Grand Dame, Margery Catherine Ilg,  May 2003, at my Los Angeles condo’s swimming pool. then only 73 years-young!

My mOM – the Grand Dame of WF – has recovered fast from her colon cancer surgery, is back at her home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and is chopping at the bit to ‘get back to my swim class!’  She told me to tell ALL of you:  “THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL your Prayers and those ‘mantra things’ that Steve has you doing!  I really, really felt spiritually taken care of during my hospital adventure! THANK YOU!”

Noble Sangha, you may now ratchet down your beautiful prayers, visualizations, and yes, ‘those mantra things’ that you have been soooo unbearably beautiful at performing for my mOM…

what a unique, precious Treasure it is, to have such a spiritually potent Tribe!

head bowed and May All Beings Be Freed From Sorrow and the Causations of Sorrow…

son of Margery Catherine Ilg,


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