Well, if you don’t trust in my racing resume,  then how about decades of archives from WF Student Testimonials in the SanghaLounge?  another one came through today from Patrica in PA…see below and then,  GET ON and STAY ON the MAP Aminos!

Jan 29, 2011

Good Afternoon Coach,

I was waiting to tell you of another result of ingesting the MAPS until I had definitive proof.

I now know that my hair has to be cut every 4 weeks instead of every 7 weeks and my nails grow like wildfire.

I originally thought I was imagining these things but now,after 2 trips to the salon since beginning MAPS, my wallet is telling the tale. :-) Even my hairdresser has commented, asking what I am doing to my hair to make it grow so quickly.


Namaste Patricia,

that is soooo super awesome!   and so classic!
proof is in the regeneration!

head bowed,
coach ilg

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