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HP Yogi Robert Arnold; one of my stalwart mountain yogi students when i lived and taught in Kinlani – was the first warrior to answer my Lynx Medicine Challenge Test question in yesterday’s All Access Teaching…below is Yogi RA’s answer.  THANK ALL of you for playing and more importantly;  PAYING attention to our precious wild animal friends!   Yogi RA:  hook me up with your current shipping address so i can get you your FREE “Angel Wing Shoulder/Hip Opener” HP Yoga™  DVD as soon as it is released!

Dear Coach Steve,

Have been keeping up with your facebook and online postings fervently since you moved back to Durango. I am looking forward to signing up for your blog and ordering a few dvd’s when I get my financial aid for this academic semester. Over the last year my practice, readings, and daily yoga in the real world has really come far I feel and I have been thoroughly enjoying life focused on the chi.

What I have come to understand of Lynx medicine through conversation with yoga instructor and close friend Kenne Ravenstar is that Lynx medicine is a certain clairvoyance to auspicious signs and unseen happenings within the world and people around us. It is somewhat of an inherit quality few people have to see what is sometimes brutally honest truth and have an understanding at the unfolding of both struggle and prosperity. People of lynx medicine can be great friends and/or teachers to people that often feel confused with the struggles they find in their own life or the world around them.

I definitely believe lynx medicine is a large part of what makes you and your teachings so beneficial for so many; you and the teachings guide us to being able to let go of any feeling of being a victim in our life and empower us to greatness.

Head bowed from below the sacred peaks,

Robert Arnold

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