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Most Noble Sangha,

just back from pre-skiing Saturday’s nordic skate ski race course into ripping runs on the Alpine Hill for 1.5 hours…so, when my Mac Guy sent me this when i lugged my lactic-acid freaked thighs (finally) into the office,  i was in just the appropriate mood to send it you.

a bit of “Om So Ti” associated with this hand-off of ilg-approved Humor, cuz, just last night i gave a lecture to 20 Precious Seekers at the Durango Recreation Center on; “Wholistic Fitness™ Strength Training.” during the lecture,  even though i PROMISED MYSELF NOT TO…i still kinda went off on the whole iPod-wearing clan…so, when i watched this,  i knew this was destined for the Headstand Humor on my Teachings blog…enjoy…it’s only a couple of minutes…

Ilg-approved Headstand Humor

May your Practice be punctuated with the most precious kind of humor;  Auspicious, Divinely-sent Humor straight from Brahman!

head bowed,


2 Responses to “Headstand Humor; Blackberries and Apples…”

  1. Brad Gantt says:

    Funny stuff EC! Love the word-play.

  2. eyt :() says:

    Brilliant! If you haven’t already, check out The Two Ronnies ‘Four Candles’ from 1976. Classic!

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