While non-Practitioners tend toward making “Resolutions” which, really, mean nothing…it’s all just mental fiction…

the Warriors?   We reflect on what we’ve done…that is fact.  Fact, which fuels our upcoming Practice and Performance ever higher.

be less assertive in making Resolutions.   be more assertive on reflecting on what you’ve already DONE!   THAT is what provides internal and eventually, Divine, motivation…


S(om)etimes, keeping up with your ol’ coach when it comes to being wholistically fit might seem as elusive as trying to track down that MahaYogi Santa!  Important Teaching:  follow the tracks, sure, yet know that you are making your own Appropriate Tracks in just the tempered intensity suited to your unique temperament, capacity, and willingness toward Wholeness right now.  Above photo:  Ananda got this shot of me cleaning up Santa’s ashen footprints on Christmas morning…like Yogi Santa’s footprint ashes,  i publicly express my Practice Stats for my Members of WF not for you to compete with,  rather, to be inspired toward.  Again, unless you’ve spent the past 30 years doing yogic pranayams, on the SUNRIDER Herbs and MAP Aminos;  PLEASE DO NOT attempt to mimic my training capacities on my caloric intake.



December 1st;  severely sprained my right knee

Dec. 11th: placed 3rd AG @ Coke #1;  10k Classic on swollen/sprained knee – no medical intervention; just pranayam/prayer/asana

Dec 30th: mom’s cancer surgery


6.75 hours  of Strength Training

36.25 hours of Cardio

32.75 hours of Yoga-Asana

33 hours of Meditation

1,726 average numbers of calories per day

Ran: 1x
Cardio Commute (on MTB with Snow Studded tires): 10x
Road Ride (bicycle):  2x
XC skied: 7x
Alpine Skied; 3x
snowshoed: 3x

“Die while at least really living…”


3 Responses to “Keeping Up With Coach…December’s Practice Stats.”

  1. Brad Gantt says:


    Nice stats! Thanks for the inspiration. I would be interested to hear/read about what type of ST you are currently doing in addition to the great stories and pictures from your adventures on skis, bikes, snowshoes… that you are currently sharing. I know you are able to sip from the Iron Temple after so many years of of WF practice and it would be educational to see/hear how that manifests itself.

    head bowed,


  2. coach says:

    great question! hit me up in the SanghaLounge, Strength Cave!

    head bowed,

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