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look closely at my skis and you’ll see a snot-soaked,  Blessed Mala-swinging, levitating mOMent from last years’ Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon which i attempt to defend in the Mixed Pairs category next month. Below, i counsel our Tribe’s most recent receiver of WF Blessed Training Mala and tell all current WF Blessed Mala yogi’s when my next Mala re-Empowerment Ritual will take place…


On Jan 27, 2011, at 7:21 AM,  WF Student JML wrote:

Oooo, many thanks Noble Ilg!  Am I to assume (based on looking at photos from TBT) that I wear the Blessed Training Mala during workouts and all day and night (including sleeping), and around my left wrist for meditation?  And I’m assuming not to wear it during yoga?  Again, sorry for all the questions.

Head Humbly Bowed Along the Path,


Most Precious Mala-Adorned One,

how Brave do you wish to be?

let it be Known that your Mala will Bless and Transmit all who see it.   people will want to touch it.  do not let them.

your Blessed Mala carries within Its radiance the tremendous Lineage power of the High Himalayan Mountain Yogis and should be worn constantly as possible;  It is your baby.  It is your Protector, Guide, and Teacher.  How you treat your Blessed Mala is how you are treating me and the Lineage of which ilg represents and the global Sangha of WF yogis.

when showering or swimming or if you are not feeling particularly Brave enough to wear it outwardly around your neck (Vishuddha Chakra) or on your left wrist,  then It should be hung – Meru down, not letting your Index Finger (ego) touch the Beads.

it is Tradition to reverently coil the Mala three times  for Brahman, Shiva, Vishnu  (Buddha/Dharma/Sangha –  God/Yogi Christ/(w)Holy Spirit) when It cannot be hung, for instance, beside your yoga mat while doing asana.

people – especially Non-Practitioners – will want to touch It…they will ask questions about It.  an Appropriate answer might be:
“This is called a Mala.  It’s kinda like a Yogi’s rosary.  We use it to meditate, pray, and to reMind ourselves that our Practice is everywhere.  It was Blessed by my Teacher.”

do not try to field more questions.  just smile…if they want to know more,  they should contact me.

Dharma Blessings, Oh Noble Son of Shiva!

head bowed,

your coach from your Sacred Workout Corner


my next Mala re-Empowerment Ritual will take place on the Full Snow Moon.  please send your Blessed Mala to:

steve ilg

3035 east 2nd ave

durango, co 81301

there is no charge for this Service,  however, please consider a Temple Tithe of at least $5 to offset shipping costs back to you.  it requires about 3 hours of my time for this Ritual.   Suggested Mala re-Empowerments should be once every three years for those who work with their Mala’s daily…once a year for all others.

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