“Go SCUBA DEEP, YOGI!” was and is often still heard from me to gym patrons as i coach my students to explore their True Self in the bottom position of a Squat.  Along with the Deadlift and Bench Press, the Squat makes up the Wholy Trinity of my classic;  Yang Day Workout


today was interval day up Atalaya mountain… my heart and lungs are definitely feelin the love :)

15 mins of light running, followed by 6 sets of intervals and 5 mins of zone 3 got me to the top.

a quick update on Yang Day last saturday — i increased bench press weight to 135. i can probably go up to bodyweight but taking it slow… squated 165 and top deadlifted 165 as well.

question on deadlift form. when I’m lowering the bar, my knees tend to flare out to keep my spine straight up and down. is this ok or should i focus more on repeating the exact same form on the way down? i’m trying to be conscious of not straining the low back on the way down.

14 dips! getting better. pullups…. not so much. working on it!



Most Precious Yogi J,

Superb Noble Effort going on in your Training!    Well done!  Answer is; ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LET YOUR KNEES FLARE OUT! Embrace a lighter weight…loading the spine with as much weight as is done in a Yang Day Empowerment Ritual will of course transmit a significant degree of force to the lateral tissues supporting that vulnerable “Hinge” known as our knees.  Knees only like to track in a nice, clean linear fashion;  forward.  Throughout the other Noble Disciplines of WF such as yoga and meditation, we functionally develop the lateral strengthening of our knees in wise and appropriate loads.  Going into the Iron Temple, loading up the Deadlift bar and then allowing the knees to splay out is a fine recipe for a knee tweak.  Better to allow the graduated concussive loads of cardio matched by the elongation/suppleness training effects from yoga and seated meditation – as well as not sitting in furniture and using other WF Lifestyle Principles particularly of Appropriate Action – will wholistically strengthen your knees to sustain incredible longevity and thwart injury.

great question and may your Barbell be heavy yet feel light…lift from within alignment;  posture and breath…

head bowed,

coach ilg

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