“In that moment I was in another cave — filled with Powder. Then I died and was resurrected back in the cave of champions — collapsing, and very humbled. And what was that final pose that Ilg showed us? He was levitating!”

Mark Rosenthal – shown above doing his Karmic Yogi Merit Work as one of my volunteer Course Marshalls at my first annual Winter Warrior Snowshoe Race last Saturday.  Tonight,  after another world-class HP Prop™ Workout in the Sacred Cave of Champions, Durango, Colorado, Mark sent me the above quote. HP Yogi Mark  is one of Durango’s sickest Telemark skiers.

oh…and…as my Students know…when it gets this close to the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon?

taylor 2010

Ilg DOES begin levitating…

photo above;  11,000′ on the Sacred Peak of Tsidool…see the shadows of my skis?  dat’s called, Levitation, baby, courtesy of the Tsidool Mountain Goddesses!

ilg plans to defend my Mixed Pairs Title this Saturday at Mt.Taylor Winter Quadrathlon

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