Ananda’s knee; after a botched surgery job decades ago after injuring her knee while dancing onstage, her knee is still vulnerable to swelling after outdoor activities, yet has grown consistently stronger and is regenerating in spite of nearly a bone-on-bone situation when i first met her and began her on the WF Nutritional Path including SUNRIDER Herbs and MAP Aminos.
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Today, this 40-sOMething mother of a 3 year-old enjoys a world-class Wholistic Fitness™ lifestyle which includes, cycling, swimming, skating, skiing, running…My first coaching counsel to her years ago was the same i give many, “Never, Ever tell yourself that you’ve got ‘bad knees.’  Your knees – or back or whatever – are doing their absolute best to Serve you, given what you have done to them. Bless your body vehicle with Gratitude for our sub-conscious is always listening.”   When it comes to Wholistic Healing; tantamount faith in the Path is required.

Blown Out Skier Knees….

As we approach the final month or two of lift-served alpine skiing here in the southwest, it’s always a wise idea to pace our efforts on the alpine planks.  Alpine skis, boots, and bindings are heavy.  Our knees must deal with a lot of high-torque, dangling, twisting physics during alpine skiing, which is why nordic skiing is my preferred choice of skiing, however, that is a different bit.   From the Steepandcheap website: ‘Blown out knees always happen on the last run of the day. This makes sense, after all, it’s not like you were going to ride the lift up and take another run after hurting your knee. Of course when people say, “It happened on the last run of the day,” we know they meant that it was going to be the last run of their day regardless of whether they blew out their knee, but we also know that it happening on ‘the last run’ adds extra tragedy to their story. You know when else blown out knees happen? When you take a winter off work or school to ski. And in those cases, they happen on the first Halloween you’ve gone skiing in years. The best skiers don’t blow out their knees when they launch huge cliffs or try something new in the park, no, it happens to them when they fall down in the lift line. Usually they’re trying to avoid a snowball that a teenager threw at them from the parking lot but don’t get out of the way quick enough. Whenever I take my last run of the day, I try to say, “Okay, last run coming up. No blown out knees so far.” I figure it’s such an outrageous jinx that I’ll never actually get hurt on that last run.’


I began my winter racing on a severely sprained knee this season, a serial distortion injury from a road racing cycling crash last March.  Using the WF Method of Wholistic Healing,  any racer would be stoked at my multi-sport results this winter.   Though my knee is still not 100%, i’m out there competing for podiums, race directing my own event, and most importantly,  i can cavort at a world-class level with Dewachen, my little Tibetan Snow Lion!

Wholistic Fitness™ Healing can be summed up by Pattabhi Jois counsel, “Just do your Practice and all will be coming.”

Karmically; if we are too quick to look for external ‘fixes’ to our in-Jury’s…we’ll simply keep having to suffer the same lesson, until we ‘get’ the spiritual life lesson of the injury or illness. 

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