WF Online Student Monty Mason…below is his actual Training Cycle Update from last week’s practice…it’ll bring a smile to your heart, i am sure…so you can imagine what it did to my – his coach’s – heart!   There ain’t nothing like WF, and there sure as hell ain’t NOTHING like a Wholistic Fitness Online Student!   This May, Monty, who lives in Arkansas, is going to Take Pilgrimage to Durango to check off one of the three Wholistic Fitness™ Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages; The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic!

good evening coach,

set and ready to go for the beginning of week 4 of Meso A tomorrow.

week 3 last week was most In-joyable.  ended the week with
6 hrs of bike work including my prescribed intervals.  body vehicle feels well
trained from the saddle time.

dialing in my nutrition to compliment the added cardio.  dropped 4lbs last week,
weigh 151.  very normal for me to drop a few lbs when spring hits and days get
longer.  i don’t restrict caloric intake, I TAF that i will level off around 148.

meditation practice is consistent and focus on breath is sound.  passing clouds
will always arise and just pass.  beautiful.

head bowed the warrior way,


to which i instantly responded through my HeartOpening chi shivers;

Most Precious NSMM,

you are simply,  astoundingly,  too go(o)d to be true…

which Deity incarnated – exactly – are you?


tell me true,
your utterly useless within the Divine Light of you,

to which he exquisitely responded by retyping the Teacher/Student Ancient Prayer to me which i sent all new WF Online Students:

2 Responses to “Now THIS Is A ‘Cycle Update’…”

  1. eyt :() says:

    Awesome. I Aim to be like monty (only with hair :) * head bowed *

  2. Monty Mason says:


    thanks for the positive comment. i once had hair as well, when coach sent me my first EMR assignment i didn’t see grooming hair in the choreography so i immediately buzzed it off. ;-}

    enjoy the journey,


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