All Steamed Up…

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“I sit in the steam room at the gym occasionally. With a recent management change the steam room now gets so unbearably hot that my feet will literally scald if I sit too close to the heater. Whenever I sit in that damp room slightly larger than an elevator, the same thought goes through my head, “I wonder if this place is extremely clean or a cesspool of bacteria.” I didn’t pay close enough attention in rudimentary science class to know whether a room that hot and damp would kill bacteria or be the perfect incubator for it. Regardless, I figured it out today when the guy sitting in there blew his nose several times and wiped it on the seat. He was also trying to read a newspaper that was soaking wet from the steam, and I couldn’t decide which of his behaviors was more eccentric.”

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  1. Robert Arnold says:

    I have worked at several fitness centers with steam rooms and if not properly maintained can be more on the cesspool side of the spectrum. In the stagnant dense moisture, bacteria can be more airborne also. Then again proper maintenance usually includes harsh chemicals (bleach spray). I always preferred the sauna which tends to be much cleaner and not in need of harsh chemical treatments (but a lot of public ones have been treated with wood staining chemicals which can volatilize in the hot climate).

    I’d be very interested to hear Coach’s opinion on the use of these therapies, should our energy be focused into more natural cleansing methods (THE sweat) or is the occasional R&R in one healthy?

  2. coach says:

    Most Precious Yogi RA!

    thank you for your inSights.
    dry sauna; not wet.
    sit Lotus (or your Highest option) in Sauna and perform your Early Morning Ritual Nadi Shodhanam/Kapalabhati with Agni Sara Pulls…fall into meditation…it is go(o)d if short lived!
    however, YES: rely upon my 3-Phase Approach to using the SUNRIDER Herbs, EMR, and the WF Lifestyle including Daily Sweat and/or Stillness to properly, accurately, wholistically, and safely balance your cleansing with your empowerment at the cellular, physiologic, mental, and spiritual levels.
    Blessings upon thy Wholeness,
    know-nothing ilg

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