photo of ilg, training for a successful bid at another Snowshoe Racing podium by Bill Gallen.  This pic is the cover shot of my Sport Snowshoeing Basics DVD which remains the world’s first and most wholistic instructional DVD on sport snowshoeing.

It’s a heccuva thing…

trading big money for seeing personal DreamSpeaks jump into Reality…dat’s what ilg has done my whole life and tonight,  on this night of nights…my Heart is smiling broader than a Broadway marquee…cuz come what may tomorrow morning?

i just flipped the switch on another Dream of mine to host a simple snowshoe race in my hOMetown in the first winter of my returning…and you would not BELIEVE the amount of love, effort, and support i have received!

what ilg is Teaching you right now?

is precisely what i’ve attempted to Teach you since we began this Wholistic Fitness™ Path back in 1982…just Be Brave…put it out there…

Bring the Chi….and you will feel the Chi…

or as one of my Teachers put it:

Just bring the Love and you will feel the Love…

Gaté, Gaté, Gaté,  Paragaté, BodhiSattva…

on this night of nights? ilg only feels for those who are not willing or able to Toe The Start Line of this historic mOMent in Durango’s legendary sports history…ilg promises you this much;  ilg will die trying to bring a National Snowshoeing Championship to my hOMetown and tomorrow is the First Handhold toward that summit…and as my fellow rock climbers, ice climbers, and mountaineers know…it’s finding that first handhold that matters most…

my racers tomorrow will be treated to what i feel is a National Caliber event…already.  the scenery is beautiful enough to drop thy to your knees, and the effort to complete even one lap is enough to do the same!   the course prep is utterly pro and well, tonight, ilg will lose sleep worrying over the dozens of things that could ‘go wrong’…that is the Race Directors karma, i reckon.

the upshot?

nothing less than a Nirvana-esque High which ilg shall ride into the years ahead…

you must cOMe..

10,000 x 10,000 Waves of Gratitude for the following Sponsors who STEPPED UP to the Winter Warrior’s First Year Effort…ilg SHALL NEVER FORGET the following…even when we become the venue for the National Championships…hec on that…when we become the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP venue, baby!     Sincerely:  THANK YOU!!!

snow traction systems

Miguel French

Pine Needle Mountaineering, Durango, Colorado
i used to work there; so shop there!

dude, i was there from the get-go…there ain’t NUTHIN’ betta to race on!

Rose Pedals, Durango, Colorado
Angelic Armor for Warrioress’s of the Sacred Sweat; ilg bows to Melissa and John!

Old Oraivi 8k
Yah Teh Hey, Juwan!

CrossFit™ Durango
thanks, those who realize the Iron Temple’s importance!

The HUB, Durango, Colorado
the Sacred Cave of Champions…thank you, Chris and Melissa!

Bicycling Magazine
thank you, Shishya Amy!

Old Tymer’s Cafe, Durango, Colorado
thank thee, Most Noble Warrioress Sandra!

David Tate, musician

Chama Chile Ski Classic
from one Race Director to another…Mary Ann…GRACIAS MI HERMANA!

and of course,

May All Embrace The Preciousness of Winter Snow and rejoice in Her Sacred Sweat!

ilg is inspired by ALL of you!

Let’s bring a National Championships to Durango!

steve ilg
race director/Winter Warrior 10k

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  1. Monty Mason says:

    Congratulations coach, i’m blessed to observe from many miles away. Warrior Up!

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