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My wife suffers from exercise induced asthma, any WF pointers for treatment without steriodal inhalers?


Coach Responds:

Most Precious Tribal Brother L,

i bow to your wife’s duhkha.

i know this asthma challenge well – by both direct and professional experience.  here is what i can say in this forum, however, a phone or online consultation is strongly suggested.   an inversion routine with EMR combined with ESE from SR Herbs to relax the appropriate neural gates along with the MAP Aminos.  this must be flawlessly.  follow WF Nutritional Guidelines; especially nominal dairy, meat, and in this case; fish intakes.

after approximately 1-2 months, a specific inverted/backbend program can be designed with a specific pranayam according to the constitution.  the backbend/inversion routine is progressive in nature and must be accomplished with Ujjayi.  there are also interesting Body/Mind attributes associated with asthmatics which need to be addressed in an equally consistent meditation/visualization program calibrated and progressive.

There is a Way, yet like so many afflictions, the Way is a Blessing Way toward greater Self Cultivation toward Wholeness.

Most will choose the inhalers, instead.  The karmic consequence is yet another lifetime with undone Inner Work which shall only manifest again at some later point – in this life or future ones.  One of my Teachers told me that Asthmatics were fisherman in former lives and now must experience the writhing anxiety of not being able to take in their elemental necessity (such as water for fish, air for humans).

Head bowed to the wonder and wheezing of It All,


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