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Shishya IC, straight from NYC to Durango for three days;  one of which he spent with me. The other two days he spent wisely: chillin’ within the Pranic Potency of Durango as to increase his acclaimed musicianship!   i cannot express how important it is for ALL WF fans and students to sign up for at least one WF Private Intensive per year…even if you do a WF Half-Day Training Camps with me and just do like Student IC did and hang in the absolute wonder-land of my hOMetown;   your Practice will deepen by lifetimes…as IC found out last Saturday…c’mon…i’ll give you a few snapshots of IC’s Intensive which included snowshoeing, meditation, yoga, and Dharmic Transmission all along the way…and, since i KNOW you’re gonna ask…yes,  his killer stylin’ bike came courtesy of where IC stayed while he was here:  The Rochester Hotel & Leland House

ic shoe 1

This is exactly what a Private Intensive with me is supposed to do – take you into the real texture of a chi-full life…

after supervising his prescribed (yes, IC is an Online Student) version of EMR,   i quickly whisked IC up into the high country as the melting snowpack provided an exquisite, if heart-thumping, snowshoe workout on my own Race Course!


Shishya IC’s intellectual genius is not dominated…he is absolutely stoked to be closing in on his NYC undergraduate degree in some form of exquisite musicianship that i cannot even pronounce…yet,  i tell you this;  within the power of his musicality, IC is injecting a world of WF, “I’m honored to be the first one to combine WF with this caliber of original composition…WF anchors from where i compose.” Look at the smile, will you?   Just look at the smile…and get out here for your OWN WF Intensive!


IC representing NYC big time as i laid down some snowshoe intervals for him…

i have advocated long and hard to my students and anyone else who might listen:  please, please, give yourself something to build Faith upon;  Intervals!  don’t be so polite in your training!  your heart is not a sterile hole…quit being so product oriented…there WILL cOMe a time when we cannot be held,  when we cannot be entertained…that mOMent might be closer than you think;  we never know when our Bardo Entry arrives.  Intervals teach us not to whine when nobody is listening.  Intervals teach us to Kick Ass…in sports, in music, in conscious parenting, in whatever moves you to Love what you Love!   ilg’s philosophies will be much more popular after i am gone;  trust me.

until then:  get out and DO the DO!


then, we fell into a bog.

okay…I fell into a friggin’ ice cold bog and thus led my Precious Student right into it as well!

hey, you’d can’t put a price on THIS type of coaching, can you?!

must say, i’ve been snowshoeing in the high country for a long time, yet until today, i’ve never been sucked into a thigh-deep bog!  let me tell you,  snowshoes are NOT the best footwear to have on when attempting to extricate oneself from an ice water bog!

ic bogs

Let this be a warning: beware of Ice Bogs!  My tracks lead toward camera, whereas much Wiser Students’ leads AROUND the bogs.

“The Buddha taught two ways of learning,” i gasped to IC after we eventually threw our sopping selves onto firmer snowpack like two blubbery sea lions, “Wise Discrimination, and Trial-and-Error…that was an example of the latter on my behalf.”

Gray and appearing insipid, these ice bogs are the harbingers of spring in the lands of high snows.  i was so high from being out here with my Beloved Shishya, that i had apparently dissolved my last three remaining brain cells and thus trudged – nay, leaped! – onto an apparently firm snow bridge between two ice bogs. It was not firm, ilg.  Not even close.


Teaching “Pranayama Appetizers” to Shishya IC, shortly after our Big Bog Adventure…as a performing artist, there is nothing like a Pranayama Appetizer to shake loose our mind so something fresh and Divine falls through.   Purty dang go(o)d yogi squat that IC is expressing, eh?   Taught him everything he knows, i did!   NOT!


i was however, able to Transmit this mOMent In Time for my Precious Shishya IC…when i stretch my memories over the myriad strands of students these decades, certain images – like the one above – remain tethered like samskara to my heart space, and actually soars my heart pace!  my memories of Students – of YOU – are like endless First Kisses to my Soul imparting a fuzzy warmth to my being, which if i had any siddhis whatsoever,  it would be to have you see how much i love my students whenever i smile…


Without daily exploring of the inner workings of our organic mind,  no path of personal fitness or health care  is whole.

i took Shishya IC into the Head WF Zendo to crack down on what is real about WF: sitting still.


surfing the Pranic High from our day of living the WF Path together,  IC then began to lean not into fatigue from the day, rather from the  resplendent inner realm which radiates from days such as we shared.  above:  IC rips and riffs songs while simultaneously tuning (i’m serious) Ananda’s cheap ass guitar!  Dewa was beside herself!  When IC began plucking the deep chords of DEEP PURPLE,  dude…i then grasped the meaning behind IC’s two-fisted mudra he taught me:


Too Much Metal For One Hand, baby!!!

emr music

Original Copy of IC’s own composition:  EMR.   So impactual upon his Creative Spirit was IC’s daily practice of EMR,  that he…well…wrote a composition for it!

The End…

oh yeah, and the Teacher and his Shishya lived Happily until Enlightenment forever…

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