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Stalwart WF Student Bob Reilly and his 9 year-old Justin…i reached into my some emails from earlier in the winter and found this gem…

Coach Ilg,
Happy New Year, and congrats on the new website.  It rocks.
Wanted to drop you a quick note from snowy NJ about how you continue to inspire…yesterday dropped a foot of snow, son had no school which meant I had no work.  My workout: 1+ hour of shovelling the driveway with alternate dominant and non-dominant side, instead of using snowblower.  My neighbor came by and asked if I was out of gas, I said

‘no, I’m training.’

Odd look, puttered away. You know the look.  Off to the sledding hill.  I did full sprint repeats up the hill over and over until my legs shook.  It was either that or stand there in hunting clothes like the other kids’ fat parents, right?  Feeling all of that this morning, of course…

This year’s fun— Leadville 100 mtb again (if they pick me from lottery, fingers crossed) and then L100 run the next week.  I turn 40 the week in between, hopefully in a nice hotel in Wyoming.  A coworker asked what I’m doing for 40th, she said a guy she knew ran 50 when he turned 50.  I told her what I was doing.. odd look, puttered away.  I’m hoping the combo of me signed up for the mtb/run, combined with being from NJ (I assume they like state balance in their race) gets me in the mtb.  Back-to-back weeks of racing at 12000ft, while living at 29ft above sea level here.  Suck it, altitude chambers!

Your site is first one I go to in the morning.  Thank you for that.

Well wishes to Ananda and Dewa.  I put her version of “the rose*” on my 9yr old’s iTouch.

Bob Reilly
* if you missed the stirring rendition of “The Rose” sang spontaneously by Ananda,  it’s available for free download in the WF SanghaLounge for all current WF.com Members

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