“In this pure land surrounded by snow-covered mountains, you are the source of all goodness and all happiness. Chenrezi Tenzin Gyamtso, may your lotus feet remain firm until the end of existence.” – from the Chenrezi Meditation Sutra which is the spiritual lineage of Wholistic Fitness™
my hOMetown…shot of Overend Mountain Bike Park which is within Durango City Limits with Hogsback Hill and Perrins Peak in the foreground and the high LaPlata being the mountains in the background.  To think when i grew up here, the downtown shops still sold T-Shirts which read; “Where The Hell Is Durango, Colorado?”   Now,  everybody knows….in this April’s Issue of Men’s Health:

From April’s Men’s Journal:Put Your Outdoor Life First: Durango, Colorado
In its taste for fleece and proximity to awe-inspiring mountains, Durango often gets compared to Boulder 20 years ago. But with its isolation, modest size and population (16,000), and a down-home, just-folks genuineness, Durango clearly doesn’t aspire to Boulder’s growth, and it will never be a bedroom community for any metropolis.

Tucked down in the southwest corner of Colorado, where the San Juan Mountains meet the arid Colorado Plateau, Durango has plenty of trademark Rocky Mountain beauty. But what distinguishes it from places like Boulder — or dream towns like Aspen and Vail — is how protecting its way of life and defining qualities is built into the town charter as well as its collective zeitgeist. Residents voted years ago to tax themselves to raise funds for parks, open space, and trails, all of which it has in crazy proportions relative to its size — 1,575 protected acres in town alone. Volunteers fervently maintain local trails through a nonprofit called Trails 2000, which boasts 2,000 members — that’s 12 percent of the total population.

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