above:  yesterday – Triathlon bound Amma Ananda getting ready for a training ride with Ajna, her Trek™ road bike gifted to her from uh…a certain Admirer!  photo by ilg

quite frankly,  i was surprised by all the Love Missives sailed this way from y’all when i announced that my Beloved Ananda was going to do a Triathlon in April…her first as a mommy and her first ever triathlon for that matter.  “Oh!  Ananda looks absolutely RADIANT!” was the general tenor of my overwhelmed Inbox…well,  i must agree;  Toeing the Start Line of a Triathlon has categorically upshifted Ananda’s entire mind/body/spirit which is precisely why i do my best to get everybody to Toe Start Lines!   doing so is the causation for many ripe spiritual and self-transformative miracles.  During my Kiva Call on Cardio Training last week,  Ananda spoke to you directly about how priceless triathlon training has been for her fitness cOMeback from being a new mOM triathlete at age 44…


above: this morning  – Ananda meets with “Coach Randy” a top 30 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon finisher and training partners Anne, Piedra (the mostly hidden black lab behind Anne) and Dewachen Ilg (in Jogger Stroller).  photo by ilg.

“Geez, i’m feeling pretty tired…” comments Ananda as she attempts to begin a dinner of fantastic broccoli quiche.  i find myself battling back a wry comment such as, “Yeah,  ain’t so easy being a new parent plus doing what it takes to Toe The Start Lines, doesn’t it?”   recognizing it as just another egoic attempt at re-enforcing my sense of self-worth, i just smile back at her and offer to help.  overall,  Ananda hiring her own triathlon coach and getting out and ‘doing the do’ to Toe The Start Line has truly helped our Coupleship as new yogi parents to an incredible Rinpoche….


This pic needs no caption…except perhaps, “Can you even remember?”   photo by ilg today.

Ananda totally scored this old-school swingset from a neighbor for zero bucks.   it cost me a six pack of a local microbrew for another neighbor college kid to help me carry the swing set 2 blocks to surprise the heck out of Dewa when she woke up from her nap…

Neighbors = Sangha.

Blessed be your own Training…

head bowed,

el coache

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  1. Kit Johaneson says:

    Dear Steve and Ananda:
    That is so great that Ananda is taking up my sport.
    I didn’t start until I was at least 45. The combination of all 3 disciplines is easier on the body.
    Hopefully we can meet at a Triathlon in the near future.
    Ai Imawa.
    Fit Kit

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