namaste coach ilg!
hi and wow!!
I am amazed you took the time to respond… WOW.

I heard about you yesterday. lol As often in my life, I look for answers in books. I found your book in the library and devoured it.

EVERY SINGLE WORD connected to my soul. THANK YOU for writing it. You are amazing! What is synchronistic too is that

a)I love Sunrider and started it a year ago,

b) do both yoga and training and needed that connection between both to sync them both together and found so many answers in your book.

I love your quotes and really, your prana. Very inspiring.

I went through a very painful divorce three+ years ago (he was an Olympian) and gained weight and really am just “waking-up” from the dream of being a wife-(not sure if that makes sense?)

This last year, I gave up soda, meat and became a flexatarian…and lost 16 lbs.

I have never felt better, stronger, more awake, motivated, excited to live and hungry to push my body and mind to see what it is capable of.

My head is bowed to you, coach. I will continue to follow you and look forward to more of your books and info. Do you still have your training center in Tarzana? Where do you live?

~jasmine :)

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  1. Roberto Crespo says:

    Either Susanna Hoffs has an alias “jasmine” or a doppelganger:


    “Walk like an Egyptian….”


    Yogi RC

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