Chasing down Hopi Runner Micah nearing the Finish Line of
the Homolovi Suvoyuki Traditional Hopi 10k Footrace. Photo by Bill Benzel.

In our “Cardio” Kiva Talk on March 8 we explored:

  • Ananda’s insights during her journey training for her first ever triathlon (her first competition since becoming pregnant four years ago), and how she TAFs that the compression and concussion of cardio training is giving her unexpected neuro-muscular benefits … healing her back and allowing her more suppleness in her asana practice!
  • What Lao Tzu has to say about Cardio.
  • Why so much of the Chi that comes through WF occurs in the beautiful rhythmic space of the CV discipline.
  • Some Cardio-inspiring poems from my book Pagosa Speaks.
  • How WF helps return the honor and sacredness to sweat born through CV training.
  • How the Sony Discman changed Cardio training for most athletes (and what we do about this in WF).
  • Why I called one of the chapters in my book The Outdoor Athlete “Respiration” instead of “Cardio.”
  • How Cardio training is like a simmering pot for your dreams and aspirations.
  • What accomplished meditators can gain from also practicing Cardio.
  • Some of my favorite passages on Cardio from my books.
  • Why Cardio, while perhaps one of the most trainable WF disciplines, is also very contingent upon the individual.

We then moved on to some Q&A:

  • “How much more beneficial is a long three-hour ride for endurance fitness vs. a 20-minute interval session?”
  • “What are the minimal weekly Cardio sessions required to maintain my endurance CV fitness?”
  • “If I’m incorporating fasting days into my lifestyle, should I do CV on fasting days?”
  • “What does a ‘base’ mean in endurance sports?”
  • “How do I train for short alpine races while also training for multiple races in one day with down time in between?”

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  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    Thanks for a helpful Kiva Talk, Coach,

    The preseason training pot is already simmering!


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