Thank you coach, I extend a ceremony of gratitude back your way with Mala in hand. Thank you so much, these are a real treasure. I will cherish them until they turn to dust.   Luke


Recently, Coach offered a free “Blessed Mala Re-Empowerment” during the Full Crow Moon.  Several WF Devotees took up the offer and in accordance with Tradition,  each offered a wonderful Tithe or Gift of some sort.  I had to share Student Luke’s below.   I’ll be announcing my next Mala Re-Empowerment in this forum when appropriate.   All sincere WF Students should not miss out on the rare opportunity and spiritual strength of having their own WF Blessed Training Mala.

Dear Coach Ilg,

I humbly request a renewed Blessing of my enclosed Mala

Om Tat Sat

As a Gift, I have enclosed a poem.  Thank you.



When ivy’s veins

tangle in rock, their leaves

stay close to the twisted vine.

Shaking wings search

for the sun’s rays

that charge behind the pine.

Hyphal lichen detest the sun,

withdrawn behind the spiked rope,

praying for life

and pulling away.

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