inner strength

“Inner Calm,  Outer Active.”  WF training tenet first published in 1985.  Photo of Coach by AZ Daily Sun

sent to me today by WF Online Shishya NSMM:

“blessed afternoon, creator of calm;

WOW, have i had one kick ass WF kinda day!  a very solid
nights rest to shake off the time change funk that was hanging
in the air around here.  EMR in perfect silence with nobody
except my four legged friends in the house.  stepped out to run
an errand and returned quickly to toss in HP PROP and nail the
most fantastic flow that i have ever achieved in PROP, while
on a empty stomach.

a subtle learning for me, where HP strength execution goes so goes
PROP, so goes HP strength.  should be obvious i suppose.  i know
and appreciate that you do not script the verbiage on these videos and
I caught this line in my version of PROP today that is a classic. In
reference to opening hips, “I know, don’t worry, I will help you!!!  All you have to
do is “sweat”.” :-)  Beautiful.

now a short rant about Wholistic Fitness for all of the warriors on the path.  i
can’t imagine anything, anywhere in our life here that is as sacred as embarking
on a journey which produces such mind blowing physical attributes as a secondary
by product of the inner journey.  as a trainer, i see and assist a great deal of people
who don’t get it and are lost. to that i say, we must work on ourselves for the good of others!

when i sit this evening, i will glow.


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