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“Whatever comes, let it come…

Whatever passes, let it pass…

Have no need for anything.”

– ancient yogic scripture

i took this photo of Dewachen Ilg, yesterday at a family Easter gathering in New Mexico…whenever i see Dewa blowing bubbles, i see the bubbles as the quaint, temporary, and countless lifetimes we’ve all chugged through…then, POOF!  Gone in an instant…just like our current incarnation.  That’s why in WF we do our best to balance ‘entertainment’ with ‘inner-attainment’…the following Teaching really brings this h(om)e to me…may it help you as well…

At present, our body is undoubtedly the center of our whole universe.

We associate it, without thinking, with our self and our ego, and this thoughtless and false association continually reinforces our illusion of their inseparable, concrete existence. Because our body seems so convincingly to exist, our “I” seems to exist, and “you” seem to exist, and the entire illusory, dualistic world we never stop projecting around us looks ultimately solid and real.

When we die, this whole compound construction falls dramatically to pieces.

– Sogyal Rinpoche

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