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surfing through the ‘quagmire of confusion’ when it comes to Nutrition – particularly ‘cleanses’ – can be a pretty rough ride unless you’ve got the proven, safe, effective Wisdom of WF as your Path. the thing about “going on ‘cleanses’ is that it sets you on a roller-coaster approach to cellular fitness which is precisely what you DON’T want to happen!   what is needed is a consistent, appropriate BALANCE between cell cleansing and cell empowerment.  EQUANIMITY of body, mind, and spirit begins with cell fitness.  pic of ilg ‘Colorado Surfing’ by Kathy Faulstich

J and I were thinking about doing a body cleanse.  Are there any in particular  that you would recommend?  Maybe one that is a little easier as this is the first time we have done anything like this.

Thanks for the info.

Your Humble Practitioners,
L & J

Most Precious Practitioners L and J,

i am SOOO glad you wrote me!

without going into a long dissertation on the realities of cellular physiology and what a ‘cleanse’ really is apart from the popular buzzword,
let me advise you thusly:

* do not do ‘fasts’ or radical dietary deprivations…they do not support cell strength and in the long run cause oxidative stress and impose ongoing difficulty for the body’s native regenerative capacities from which to recover.

* instead follow the proven WF Path for Cellular Cleansing/Empowerment which is essentially:

  • • get on MAP Aminos with your intake monitored by myself…this provides a vital nitrogen blanket to ensure all tissue regenerative capacities are optimized while losing bodyfat and purifying cellular fitness
  • • get on my 3-Phase Approach to SUNRIDER Herbs which means spending the first few months of Phase One purifying, detoxing cell membrane and constitution before merging delightfully into Phase 2 which nourishes and supports all organic systems in the body…Phase 3 is lifestyle maintenance.
  • • attend to the WF Nutritional Principles as outlined in Total Body Transformation or in the WF SanghaLounge to which all Members of WholisticFitness.com  have 24/7 access.

by following my counsel above,  you will not monkeywrench your body and you will feel fantastic every step of the way… just email me with a positive, “Let’s Do It”…and i’ll guide you every step of the way without charge…

your fellow wholistic warrior and loving coach

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