Last night was the final HP Yoga™ class at The Hub Training Facility which has now officially closed its doors…

i knew it would be a bittersweet evening of Teaching,  an evening which drew nearly 20 of my finest yogic warriors into the Sacred Cave of Champions for one final celebration of sweat…it proved to be deeply moving and perfectly in tune with the yogic understanding of…

“…without too much Attachment, or too much Aversion..”…here are some pics from last nights HP PROP WORKOUT™

ananda singing

i told Cave Leaders Chris and Melissa;  “…if i could sing for you..i would…”

however, ilg knows only Sacred Sweat, so, fortunately,  i got my Beloved Ananda (pictured photo right, backside)  and her angelic world-class voice to sing a sanskrit chant to open our class…

dewa starts class

Then, Dewachen (3.5 years old) formally began class with the Tibetan tinkshas…

toes under

my precious noble HP Sangha, many of whom have vowed to follow me anywhere in order to keep HP Yoga™ as part of their Practice…here we kneel in “toes folded under Seiza” postures for Traditional Opening Prayer…(the yogic deities hear our prayers better when our toes are screaming, according to the ever unique HP philosophy!)

dewa teaching prop

….uh,  could somebody please check the Certification papers of that little pipsqueak up front teaching my PROP WORKOUT!?!?!

dewa teaching prop 2

…oh no worries…upon closer examination it’s a little Ilg…teaching Sweat-based Dharma is in her blood…

“Try harder,  Johnny,” she yelled at one point to 2010 HP Yoga Warrior of the Year; John “Asoka”….then, later, she balanced her yelling with a congratulatory, “Good job, Johnny!”

i absolutely pity the next generation of warriors to be trained under my daughter’s eagle eye and Buddha Wisdom!…you think I’M tough!?!?!

cave leaders

Sacred Cave Leaders Melissa (who actually grew up in the same house i did after we moved!) far left, and the ever towering National RR Champ, Chris Wherry with Dewa and i…

prop sangha

The HP Yoga™ PROP WARRIORS from last night…let me tell you, ilg would be HONORED to toe ANY Start Line, ANY Bardo Entry, ANY Battlefield in this Realm or any other with this AMAZING group of multi-disciplined yogis!

Standing from L-R;  Steve, Robbie, Garrett, Asoka (with WF Blessed Mala), Chris, bRAD, Ian, Logan, Jennifer N, Sandra, Melissa, Karen

Front row from L-R; Melissa VS, Jim, Celestia, Lisa, feeble ilg, Laura, Jen A, Dewachen

next up:  our Warrior Tribe of HP Yogi’s begin training in our NEW CAVE in the historic SMILEY BUILDING!   Details (free classes for when you visit) for WF Members only!

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