George Hincapie (USPS) in classic Roubaix style leading Johan Muessuw and Servais Knaven (Domo) in 2001 Photo ©: Sirotti

i was feeling a little punky about doing a Club Ride this morning…you know, it’s a typical April day in Durango; cold, windy, spitting rain/snow…then, outdoor athlete extraordinaire (Durango is chock full of them!) and devoted HP Yogi Mark Rosenthal sent me the story below…May it also inspire you to keep your Practice strong today…

And as my tradition continues, each year just before Paris-Roubaix, I
send out
the following story (pardon the language).
The Year: 1985

The Players: Theo de Rooy being interviewed by John Tesh after
dropping out of
the race.

de Rooy: “It’s a piece of shit this race! You’re working like an
animal, you
don’t have time to piss, so you piss in your pants. You’re riding in
mud like
this, you’re slipping, it’s a piece of shit…”

Tesh: “Will you ever ride it again?”

de Rooy: “Of course! It’s the most beautiful race in the World!”

Coach’s Note:   The Paris Roubaix 1-Day race is one of the oldest, most epic, and most brutal races in professional road cycling.  Every April since 1896, racers have gathered in Compiegne France to race some 260km through ancient roads of cobble, mud, rocks, cow shit and worse.  The race completes in Roubaix, where the riders enter a veledrome for one perfect lap before crossing the finish line.

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  1. coach says:

    love the way Knaven’s drafting Muessuw…riding precisely in Muessuw’s tire tracks to limit the resistance of muck on his tires! rad!

  2. Karl Kerschner says:

    Rad is right. Wondering how they do it.

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