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your feeble teacher knows all about falling off of rocks…in fact, i used to make my living by NOT falling off routes…yet, as most of you know…i did…so,  i know a precise, effective, proven, and cost-effective Path to move Higher from injury…photo: once a rock addict, always a rock addict…ilg pauses during a Rim-To-Rim run in the Grand Canyon to enjoy some sandstone upper body re-direction of blood flow.

El Coache!

Alright soooo, i was bouldering earlier today and fell about 15 feet and jammed my ankle, knee, and leg. Left SI slightly stiff and knee kinda feeling it, but my left ankle is hurt. i can move it but it hurts really bad to walk on. i don’t feel like its broken, it feels like its been jammed really  bad though. Depending how it feels tomorrow, i will probably go to the hospital. My reason for this email is that i would like to use MAP to help heal and was wondering how many bottles to order. i will go through your link. i weigh about 165- 170lbs.

Thanks soo much


Noble Warrior Vito!

ilg bows to your latest switchback in your ever ascending Journey toward Wholeness Mastery…should be an ideal fit to test your Practice authenticity!
ilg has great faith in you! so should you!

just fling the following flurry of the following WF Cellular Nutritional Healing arrows at the bulls-eye of your injury and watch transformation and higher Learning Arise!

MAP Aminos: 5 caps am,    5 caps pm
taken at least an hour away from any dietary protein


• Sunbreeze Balm….apply topically – it pulled me through 3 decades of paralytic spinal pain/injury;  it will pull you through this
• ESE & JOI  (optimal)
• Wu Chia Pi  (economical)

(our newest and most potent cellular nutritional arrow yet for a WF Warrior’s quiver):
• 4 ounces in am,  4 ounces in pm

• listen to The Pain Guru 3x weekly

update me weekly,

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