PaceLine Protocol…

Published on Apr 30, 2011 by in Cardio, Cycling, Teachings


ilg cycling sandia

ilg, podium-bound, at Sandia Crest Hillclimb, NM a few years ago.  pic by Heidi Snell

The essence of group road cycling is riding “paceline.” For decades i’ve loved what happens when i am in a Club Ride or in a race and the chosen or evolved Leader of the group (sometimes even myself!) puts his hand up in the air in swirly-q motion which means to all the riders, “Okay guys, let’s paceline!” Pacelining allows cyclists to travel at least 30% faster with less effort while providing a scintillating social experience for new riders and the seasoned cyclists equivalent to ‘aerobic therapy.’ Also, pacelining is a foundation of racing. Like everything in life that is genuinely worthwhile, pacelines do have some inherent danger.

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