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Overly tight(I mean tight!) hamstrings are among my most significant area of weakness. They are a limit switch for many postures and some strength training exercises.
Is there a recommended practice or sequence I should emphasize to improve more rapidly or is repeated effort and tincture of time the prescription?

– A Fan Since the 80’s, Andy Shelton

Warrior Leaf helps out his Tight-Hammed Brother with this sympathetic input known to all of us in this Tribe:

Not sure about any sequence or certain practice to loosen those “hams” Andy.    i can attest though that no matter how much asana i use for releasing the hams they seem to snap right back!    Especially after some deep CV i usually nestle into a pose and ask my self, ” geez didn’t i work these out last time?”
Of course after releasing them out i usually snap them right back, like an endless cycle.    However, i guess i should be so fortunate to have tight “hams”.

Then, Coach offers some help as well…

Most Precious Warrior Brother Andy,
Warrior John is right; sometimes the hamstrings – especially at their origin – appear immune to any amount of yoga-asana/stretching. this can be overcome and a couple of key practices are important:
1) keep working on shifting your reliance from the muscle/oxygen system toward the Pranic system. three vitals ways of doing this include daily practice of EMR, yoga-asana* with Ujjayi Breathing and Mula Bandha engaged, and of course, the MAP Aminos, SUNRIDER Herbs, and now our most recent miracle cellular hero: ASEA.
blessings upon thy practice and keep us updated! we care for your HAMS in this Tribe!

*; HALLWAY YOGA DVD, WING’d ANGEL DVD, MEDIUM FORM DVD are three superb practices for opening up your beloved hamstring orgins!  Click HERE to attain these all important arrows for your quiver(ing hamstrings)!

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