arkansas cloud

“Lastly, sensing that the club ride would not go off today due to
weather, I took off solo in early afternoon.  Great when I left,
clouds rolled in and storms started popping.  I thought I had skirted
the one that I sent a pic of earlier,,,,,,,no deal.  The back end of
that slapped me with about two inches of rain and some 40mph winds.
It was awesome.  There is something very clean and calming about
riding in a down pour.  It brings a great deal of clarity about what
we are doing and why.  I could see the look on people’s face when I
met them driving, it was like, what in the hell is that guy doing out
in this riding with that big ass grin on his face!”

– weekly update from WF Online Student MM via Arkansas who, by the Higher Way, is doing what it takes to Toe The Start Line of next month’s IRON HORSE BICYCLE CLASSIC (one of the three WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages).  i cannot wait to embrace this Noble Warrior in my own h(om)etown as he Rises Higher into his WF Development…i will walk in the rain, snow, and sun beside ANY fitness warrior who is truly ready to toe the Start Line of Wholeness!

interested in being one of the REALLY RARE WARRIORS on the plane(t) at this time?  i have an opening for a Beginning Level online student in May…let me know:  steve@wholisticfitness.com

2 Responses to ““…something clean and calming about riding in a downpour…” – Shishya MM”

  1. eyt :() says:

    *totally love it* thanks ec + mm :)

  2. Brad Gantt says:


    I love those looks. :) I also like the looks you get riding home from an MTB adventure bleeding from one or more spots on your body. The grin looks particularly crazy then. :)

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