There are those who look on death with a naive, thoughtless cheerfulness, thinking that for some unknown reason death will work out all right for them, and that it is nothing to worry about. When I think of them, I am reminded of what one Tibetan master says: “People often make the mistake of being frivolous about death and think, ‘Oh well, death happens to everybody. It’s not a big deal, it’s natural. I’ll be fine.’” That’s a nice theory until one is dying.

Sogyal Rinpoche Teaching…see, for going near 40 years, ilg sees such a glaring similarity between what Rinpoche is doing His best to DRILL into our Avdiya and what ilg has witnessed in less refined areas such as Nutrition.  See, i only suggest the three WF Cellular Insurances of SUNRIDER, MAP, and most recently; ASEA to people because i know by direct personal and professional experience over decades in some cases, that it is qualified to be one of the three pivotal cellular insurances.  i deal all the time with people who energetically can’t sense their big toe or continue to run away from their tight hips/muscles or can’t do endurance or strength work worth a lick,  yet think that the my cellular insurances are not doing or will not do anything for them…only months or years later they develop injuries and illnesses or remain grossly imbalanced and unaware of Higher Work to do,  due to a chronic lack of precisely what my Cellular Triad provides…so i just do my best to get people i care for dialed into what i know works, and if they bail…well…i’ll probably see them later in life (or a later lifetime perhaps!) during a much more intense illness or injury.  what really hurts me is when i have to tell people later in years, “Well..i hate to tell you i told you so…however….”!!!

wholistic fitness/healing is a tough thing because it is very preventative…and when people don’t think they’re ill or imbalanced they don’t want to listen to you…

thus, ilg can relate to the poetic fierceness of Rinpoche’s Teaching by relating to it on a cellular level instead of such a lofty spiritual level.

photo:  i captured this precious shot last week…exhausted Mother Ammaji with a nipple suckling Rinpoche Dewachen.  how Blessed is ilg to live 24/7 with these two gurus!?!?   a blessing of a lifetime.  were it not for the Triad of WF Cellular Nutrition:  Sunrider Herbs, MAP amino acids, and the Asea Sacred Water,  there is no way my girls would be as healthy, vibrant, and beautiful as they are…

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