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no nothing save for your deepest attention…and even i waver in my faith for only 3 of my thousands did what it took to listen to my live Meditation Kiva Talk last week…


Osama exhaled his last exhale as you and i shall too, one day…ilg needs to re-teach some fundamental Bardo Entry so that you can cut through all the non-Practictioner media;

The whole of the Bardo of Becoming has an average duration of 49 (sound familiar Christ-yogi’s?) days and a minimum length of one week.  But it varies, just as now some people live to be 100 and and others die in infancy.  some can even get stuck in the bardo, to become spirits or ghosts.  Dudjom Rinpoche used to explain that during the first 21 days of the Bardo, you will have strong impressions of your previous life, and this is therefore the most important period for the living to be able to help a dead person.   After that, your future life slowly takes shape and becomes the dominant influence.

We have to wait in the Bardo until we can make a karmic connection with our future parents.  I sometimes think of the Bardo as something as a transit lounge, in which you can wait up to 49 days before transferring to the next life.  But there are two special cases who don’t have to wait in the intermediate state, because the intensity of the power of the karma sweeps them immediately on to their next rebirth.  The first are those who have lived extremely beneficial and positive lives, and so trained their minds in spiritual practice that the force of their realization carries them directly into a good rebirth.  The second case are those whose lives have been negative and harmful; they travel swiftly dow to their next rebirth, wherever that might be…


3 Responses to “About Osama; Part One. ilg needs to ground thee…immediate Prayer work required now…not gossip, certainly not rejoicing…”

  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    One Christ-yogi perspective is to follow the process of Atonement (i.e. correction) now, to prepare the way for Heaven:
    to learn to honestly observe our thoughts and actions without judgment
    to bring our observed darkness to the light, not hiding anything from Jesus
    to learn to forgive completely, dispelling all other illusions
    to learn to truly see our brother (meaning all) as innocent

    Was not Osama bin Laden a brother in Christ, meaning a brother in the unity of all children of God?
    Were not his choices for death and terror as a means of salvation but a silly, foolish mistake?
    Were not Osama’s choices but decisions for separation from his brother and ultimately God?
    Do not virtually all of us make decisions daily for separation from our brother and from God?
    From the viewpoint of Heaven, is not a slight twinge of annoyance the same as the murder of thousands or more; given that both are but a choice for the ego instead of God?
    Yet we are each and all Forgiven. All that is asked of us is but the little willingness to come H(om)e.

  2. coach says:

    Precious Shishya KK,
    nice…just wait till for Part Two!!!

    head bowed,

  3. Michael Wilke says:

    sorry to have missed the call, but some of us have jobs that preclude being on the phone at work; keep the faith. mw

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