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Namaste Noble WF Warriors…

Registration is open for the second of the three WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages; the Imogene Pass Race…if you missed this weekend’s first WF Sacred Sweat Pilgrimage (the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic) don’t miss the hole shot on this one, cuz if you wait until next year, you’ll just be one year older…NOTE:  they are reducing the CUT OFF TIMES each year it seems and my suggestion is to JUMP INTO this Pilgrimage this September and GET IT DONE!

here are the Three Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages of WF which take place each year…only a few WF students have all three and not one yet in a calendar year, let alone match my podiums in each within a calendar year;  c’mon…don’t let your ol’ coach enter the Bardo without YOU taking Sacred Sweat Pilgrimage to these hallmark events which have helped shape and develop the CHI of WF since the seventies:

* February; Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon.  President’s Day weekend.

*  May;  Iron Horse Bicycle Race (or Tour).  each Memorial Day…see my Facebook page for great pics…coming soon to this Teaching blog

* September; Imogene Pass Race.   second weekend in September;   Ouray to Telluride, Colorado.

so far, this year, we’ve got WF Online Student Julie “PY” Mueller who cranked off the hardest of the trio: the Mt. Taylor Quad and she has a friend signing her up tonight at Midnight for Imogene since she will be in Tibet…that’s Devotion!    also,  i just had the fantastic honor of having WF Online Student Monty Mason of “Alabama” here this past weekend for Iron Horse;  he DID it!!!   i’m trying to get him to do a Guest Teaching blog on his experience…Monty:  next up for you is Imogene!  you up?  Last year, Fit Kit cranked off Mt. Taylor and i hope to see him on the Start Line in Ouray…also; WF Online Student L’Gate of the Bronx did Imogene…how about YOU?

SO, SIGN UP tomorrow morning and i’ll see you out here on the Start Line in the “Switzerland of America”…Ouray, Colorado just up the street from Durango this September!

here is my friend John Jett’s letter to all Imogene Pass Racers…

Imogene Pass Run Race Registration opens on June 1st!  This race fills extremely fast.  Last year registration closed in only 21 hours beating our previous record of 32 hours in 2009!  Please register promptly to avoid disappointment.

Both mail in and online registration options will be available.  Links for a printable entry along with the online registration pages will be posted shortly before the registration opening of June 1st 12:00 AM MDT.

To reduce errors in our results we ask that you please take care when registering online.  The data entered during the online registration will affect results by placing you in the correct age and gender categories and by listing your hometown.  Address and Email also need to be accurate as this is how we confirm your entry.

If you are planning on registering a friend or having them register for you PLEASE be sure that you/they have the following information before June 1st:


Again this information comes directly from the person who types in the information or registers online.  Please help us to get your information correct.

One more important change to the race is the cutoff times.  The cutoff time for the upper camp bird aid station at 7.6 mile HAS BEEN REDUCED TO 2.5 HOURS (changed in 2007).  If you cannot maintain a pace of 3.04 miles per hour at elevations above 8000’ while climbing 3000+ feet please reconsider your registration.

This is an extremely difficult race subject to hostile weather conditions.  Please be prepared by adequately training and wearing suitable clothing.  While the distance is 17.1 miles the altitude, and vertical rise produces race times similar to a Marathon distance.  Be sure to visit the IPR website http://www.imogenerun.com for important news and information about the race.

See you in September!

John Jett
Race Director

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  1. eyt :() says:

    Coach – it’s closed already!! And i’m 8 hours ahead!!! Maybe it’s auspicious…/\

  2. coach says:

    EYT…holy c’moly!!!!

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