can you say...”YEAH BABY!!!” this morning, scoring First Tracks at Purg with my visiting Wholistic Fitness™ student and devotee from North Carolina; Karl! now…a short Mountain Bike Skill Clinic into; HP PROP! See you in the Cave of Warriors at 5:30pm!

photo of Warrior K by ilg…if you are one of my local students, be sure to pat this elder warrior on the back when you see him at Prop tonight…cuz if you have been wrung through one of my WF Private Intensives? well…just pat him on the back, better yet, give him a hug!

then, schedule YOUR WF Private Intensives in this Mecca of High Mountain Warriors, Durango, Colorado…the birthplace of WF!

2 Responses to “(all access) WF Devotee Karl from NC is in DA TEMPLE, BABY!”

  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    Thanks Coach for a perfect day.
    Those new Kahtoola sport snowshoes are a hoot! As was making first tracks while it snowed in May. Way to guide me “into the weather”. Perhaps most importantly, thanks for the breath training.
    The biking was a welcome, happy breakthrough.
    If I had not seen the HP Prop workout and ardent students in action with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Now that’s WF intensity.

  2. coach says:

    Precious Shishya KK,
    thanks for dancing the Durango Dance with us!
    come again, soon…
    and keep seeking your dreams while cultivating the inner structure to achieve them!

    know nothing but the chi,

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