i’ve never said so many Mantra rounds in my life…

My father, Henry George Ilg, entered the Bardo on May 23rd, 8:11pm at the age of 79 courtesy of a massive heart failure. He never broke untrue to his character; the absolute toughest Warrior ever…he was kicking and fighting the doctors until the sedation set in.

I’d like to thank all my students – local and global – for their patience with me as i continue to usher his Atman into the Bardo and be with my mother and our immediate family during this time. i’ll be back in Durango soon.
head bowed and please keep all of your Practices strong while always keeping one eye on the summit of Enlightenment…

more later…

8 Responses to “(all access) WF Temple Gong – Henry George Ilg; March 1, 1933 – May 23, 2011…”

  1. Kevin Burnett says:

    Thoughts with you coach …

  2. py says:

    sending my lOve,

  3. Mike Singer says:

    Noble Coach,

    I vaguely remembered some powerful thoughts you had written in a Members-only DL many moons back that seem appropriate here, now. Just found it:


    The missing images (old post) are more than made up for by the pictures painted by the words.

    Head bowed … TAFs flowing toward you,

  4. Karl Kerschner says:

    Coach, love to you and the Ilg family.

  5. Kit Johaneson says:

    Last nights workout was in honour of your father.
    Love and hugs to MOm.
    Trust you will race Iron Horse in his honour.
    Fit Kit

  6. eyt :() says:

    TAFs flowing to you all…
    Om mah nee padmi hung

  7. Blair Lyon says:

    they prayers of the wagner-lyon family are being sent your way.
    all mantra rounds from my long run this afternoon were said in honor
    of the father of my beloved teacher. konryu

  8. coach says:

    Most Precious, Treasured Spiritual Family…
    thank you…i’ll use all your words at my Dad’s Service this summer after i spread his ashes from a San Juan spire after the snows melt…he all-ways wanted to be back in Colorado…soon, he will be…

    head bowed,
    one sad son thankful for his Sangha

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