“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” – John Wheeler.  W hat a difference a year makes…one year ago; Dewachen and Daddy on our backyard tire swing…Dewa is now a grown woman it seems, compared to this pic, captured beautifully by Amma one year ago, almost to the day.

This morning, my Householder Yogi practice swung again into Full Tilt mode after my exceptional day yesterday hammering up and down my beloved San Juan peaks on my bicycle.  Yesterday was like i was back in my Renunciate Yogi life;  i was flying a time carpet into my Warrior Yogi youth;  solo and surrounded by my Beloved San Juans, feeling strong as ever.  Yesterday, ilg was Vishnu and Hanuman combined, nary a worry in the world as the volume of sweat which poured off my nose competed only with the blossoming roars of waterfalls spilling off the high country snowpack around me.  Today?  Not so much.  Isn’t that just the Way of Things for a Father Warrior?

dgo depot

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.  ~Henry David Thoreau, “Economy,” Walden, 1854.  photo this morning down at the Durango Depot which has seemingly suspended itself in time; it appears just as it did (inside and out and functionally) since it was built in 1881.

Yet in the folded moments of today, as i once again had to put aside work and training to care for my sick Beloved Partner to become Mr. M(om),  a linked symphony of similar exquisiteness from the strings and beating drums of domesticated life arose.  This morning, Ananda  awoke with an intense head cold.  i watched my ego anger in retaliation as i astrally watched with great dismay my morning mountain bike ride dissolve into the severing of All The Other Things I HAD To Get Done TODAY and then just became another Tibetan Sand Painting blown away in the southwest wind.   “Hum friggin’ SAH” i mumbled/chanted meritlessly as i gathered Dewa and her clothes, helmet, water bottle, a SUNRIDER Herb SUNBAR for snack, and her “conductor hat.”  Oh, and of course we had to bring Thomas The Train and Flora The Tram Engine before we bicycled together off into a most precious spring morning along the RiverPath toward the Durango Depot.  i had read in the morning paper that a special Railway Festival was happening there to celebrate the first train of the summer season going all the way to Silverton instead of its winter run to Cascade Canyon.  In Durango and Silverton?  This is big time event, because it’s that Narrow Gauge Train that seemingly keeps this town at least halfway immune from Recession disease and provides a timeless choo-choo timeclock by which all us Durangatangs entrust our daily lives.


Dewa looking overwhelmed at the Abundance of It All as we played trains on a Thomas The Train display at the Durango Depot this morning…outside the Depot,  a string quartet began ripping off a great show of bluegrass songs on the lawn…


…even Lucy and Snoopy (not pictured) danced to the tunes…Dewa was a bit intimidated by these large characters and, so was i when i was 3!

body language

Dewa attempting to make a 1 year-old ‘say words,’…her encouragements only brought forth incomprehensible grunts from the young man…and so it shall probably remain for the rest of his life…like all us men; we’re just reduced to Tribal Grunting when confronted by the far more superior linguistic and emotional maturity of the females in our lives.


Personally, ilg pities the Vegans at mOMents like these…i mean,  what’s the purpose of doing what it took over the past countless lifetimes of slaughtering lives to evolve into one Precious Human Incarnation,  and then not being able to sink your young teeth into a horribly overcooked wiener during a Daddy and Daughter time at an old-school Depot?!    in WF, it’s all about Appropriate Action…and unlike our daily lives of eating pure, whole foods, herbs, and other ‘go(o)d for you things’…such rare occasions allow eating ‘dawgs’ are as nourishing to the body/mind/spirit of a young chi-ld than anything else. of course,  Dewa and i chanted the Mantra together, prayed, and even did our Pranayama Appetizer as Sacred Ritual before eating the Hot Dog.


“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”

~Henry David Thoreau, “Economy,” Walden, 1854

May all Beings waste not this Precious Human Incarnation,

and may all who read these words and see these pictures be mindful of karma, practice virtue, and remain focused on Wholeness…

especially parents.

that is all,

head bowed,

your feeble teacher

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