Molas 2009

Cranking over Molas Pass during the 2009 Iron Horse RR…i eventually finished 5th OA in the Omnium.   Next Saturday, i’m going for it again; this time in the Road Race and Mountain Bike Race. NOTE: there is about 6′ of snow on the roadsides where this shot is taken (elevation, 10,910′) right now! wish me god speed or better yet,  make a Temple Tithe for the sake of Freeing Tibet and to help me keep toeing the Start Lines through the summer!  ilg’s racing has all-Ways been and remains 100% Student Supported…THANK YOU!!!!

It’s without doubt the Highest Yoga ilg has ever practiced:

Conscious Parenting of a 3 year-old Rinpoche while still attempting to coach, teach the world’s funnest, most effective form of personal fitness, and each week teach HP Yoga™ here in Durango, and still do what it takes to Toe The Start Line of Turtle Island’s most demanding endurance events…

Here are my Wholistic Fitness™ Training Stats for the Month of May, 2011 up until one week before i toe the Start Line of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic…i’ll be toeing two Start Lines next year; the Road Race on Saturday, and directly into the Mountain Bike Race on Sunday.  i’ll be in the 45-54 AG.  oh, and you are ALL invited to my birthday ‘party’ on Sunday afternoon here at the humble WF Temple H(om)e between 4-7pm…bring a side dish, bring the kids, and enjoy our Chicken Beings!   veggie and flesh burgers, dawgs, beer, wine, Calli Beverage™ provided…if i can stand up to grill, that is…

oh,  Coach’s Warning: DO NOT attempt to mimic these training volumes at home…unless you have been on the SUNRIDER Herbs,  MAP Amino Acids, and the Asea Sacred Water

Strength Training Hours:   5.25

Cardio Hours: 32.75

Yoga Asana Hours: 21.50

Meditation Hours: 14.50

Dharma Blessings upon all of your workouts and upon all of your Noble Efforts to speak truly, helpfully and to strive for virtue and to keep acting with awareness of karma…

head bowed,

coach ilg

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  1. Brad Gantt says:


    Wonderful! I hope to make it to Durango next year for the pilgrimage. Have a great weekend playing in the sky.


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