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to remain consistent with Wholistic Fitness™ requires unimaginable tenacity and sankalpa…many students get Lit Up for the initial year or so of the WF Path,  only to waver and give into egoic-based samskaras…for the few however,  we begin to feel chronic trickles of the unchanging Bliss of our unique Enlightenment Potential dancing within the challenges and joys of our lives; and THAT is a benchmark attained by only the most sincere and heart-orientated Warriors of Wholeness…witness thus the Word from a precious student in Florida below…. photo by ilg; cloud roll over Doko Oosliid juxtaposed with Grandmother Moon.


Coach Ilg, I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of Wholistic Fitness. This last 12 months have been exceedingly difficult in my life. With the passing of my father, bouts of depression and loneliness, I found myself doing things that were counter to my deepest values, things i would never have imagined descending to low to. However, I have been looking inward, seeking counseling, and pursuing personal growth: spiritual, physical, and emotional. I just wanted to let you know that the wholistic fitness program has been an integral part of this process/journey. Something is different this time, something has “clicked” – every time I go to the gym or go to do cardio, I approach it with the mindset “What am I going to learn about myself this time? How am I going to work towards being better than I was yesterday?” After some basic workouts and training, I started the program from your book and am now in week 1 of cosmic yang, I love it! Thank you.



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  1. Monty Mason says:

    and we begin,,,,,,,,,again and forever again!

  2. eyt :() says:

    Thank you G for your puja. /\

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    thank u

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