chillin’ in my hammock…a Western Scrub Jay pesters Chinese Elm blossoms…a gentle north breeze dances upon my skin…i must write my Dad’s obituary tonight…7 books, 3,500 blogs, countless magazine articles, yet i find myself wordless at this ‘assignment’…om so ti

thank you all for my Birthday missives of Metta…and thanks to the local yogis for coming to our little party on Sunday! Blessings and Respect endlessly…
‎…and before you ask…yes, those are my new favorite zero-support. 9 oz “Mirage” running shoes…get yours at:


3 Responses to “Resisting an “assignment”…”

  1. Karl Kerschner says:

    Dear Coach Ilg,
    What an eventful series of recent days you have experienced. A full life indeed.

    One week ago I opened one of those big, ancient family Bibles to review a verse in Proverbs. It was the closest one at hand, though the aged paper is a little brittle so I don’t open it often.

    Curious about one of the “unofficial” biblical books included, I turned the pages, then out came my great grandfather’s obituary. It completed many of the gaps my parents never spoke about.
    – his early career in the local county post office and being the first there to author and publish what we now call the Yellow Pages
    – his career as a retailer and grocer when that business model was just beginning
    – his participation in two different religions at the same time (I’m hearing echoes.)
    – the daughter (my great aunt) who died suddenly at age six
    – that my mother’s middle name is the same as that little girl who died so young
    – to help heal the grief the family left for Kansas to establish a store there, and came to witness Jesse James regularly coming into the town’s stockyards to take a few head of beef, gratis, no protests by the sheriff or anyone else
    – their return to Allentown PA and bulding additional businesses with his sons including my grandfather
    – and more.

    Hoping I am that your obituary writing is going or has gone well.

    Who knows, but I am betting that someday Dewa’s grandchild will read the words you write today.

    Karl K

  2. Karl Kerschner says:

    PS to Coach,
    Nice shoes. Same model as I wore in the Kahtoolah’s as we snowshoed May 11 at Purg.

    They were perfect.

    Blessings, KK

  3. coach says:

    Precious KK,
    thanks my elder Brother From A Different Mother…
    i needed that just now…
    head bowed,

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