prop; lateral reed

El Coache, enjoying the benefits of “Blocked Lateral Reeds” just one of the myriad, miraculously healing and empowering movements of  creator of HP Yoga’s PROP WORKOUT… a most popular, dastardly fun asana-based workout available via DVD for those of you not living in Durango, Colorado where it is offered each week with all sorts of limb-withering variations! photo by Wayne Williams.

“El Coache;

Thank you!

It gave me just the butt kickin that I needed. I’m going to try to commit to coming every Wed night. I just wanted to check out the new cave before buying a pass.

I’m sure you’ve been told this before… your class is the toughest class ever. Love the pain!”

– one of Durango’s many cycling champions after last night’s HP PROP WORKOUT

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