Remember, Oh Beloved Ones…be you a Conscious Parent, Practitioner, or Paltry One Just Seeking Like Me…

ilg tells you this much as you enjoy the following pics taken by myself this morning:

“Environment is stronger than will.”

Remember that…and enjoy the thrill of Spring set strong from the San Juan High Country…please consider a visit to the WF Temple H(om)e in Durango soon…

river days

The breath arrives low and easy on these precious, winter-earned hot spring days…The River Days hits Durango this weekend…

river days 2

a slalom racer negotiates a gate on the Smelter race course set by Durangatang and Olympian, Kent Ford.

river days 3

What goes up!?!?!    An inflatable commercial raft hits the first of the Smelter rolls…

river days 4

…meanwhile…the “Conductor” Dewachen chills with another one of a million awesome Dog Beings, then waits for a free ‘balloon-kitty’…Durango is NIRVANA for kids…come visit or sign up for a WF Family Intensive!  email me for details:  steve@wholisticfitness.com

river days 5

oh..and then came the River Parade…“Dis is the Durango I remember,” my Durangatang native bro EB smiled to me as we squatted beside the melting rays of Grandfather Sun as the “River Parade” began…”the Mother Animas running at just under 5,000 cfs, sunshine, and snow-covered peaks?  me too, bro…dis’ is the Durango i remember too”  i smiled back to him

river days 5

…i woulda paid money to see this party raft when it hit the Smelter Rapids!

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