Coach Ilg as captured in Yoga Journal, performing Vrkasana or Tree Pose. photo by WF Student Mike Powell.

Dear Coach,

Vrksasana or tree pose is challenging.  Whenever I lift a leg I start to lose balance.  I get the “leaning tower of Pisa” look in order to maintain some stability even with my leg down near the opposite ankle.  Is this a function of core strength? I am being patient and taking what I can each time.




Precious One,

two words: Dual Action.

bring your Awareness and Sustained Concentration (Ekagraha) into pressing your upraised foot into the inner thigh of the standing leg…it might help by ‘opening up the skin’ of the sole of the standing foot.

you see, Tree Beings don’t just ‘stand on top of Mother Earth,” they have deep and wide roots which function as conduits toward living WITH and FROM Mother Earth and their leafy (or needle-ly) arms lift toward Brahman all day as if in worship; you do the same and thou shall Connect with Vrkasana’s rasa.
Dharma Blessings Upon Thy Practice,


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