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one of my most precious yogini’s Chris “Raven Sister” Kassar is on the Dharma Warpath..this time, for the sake of FREEDOM!  check out and PLEASE SUPPORT HER NOBLE EFFORT below!   pic by WF Online Student/Devotee PY (just back from the Himalaya; report upcoming)  with Doko Oosliid in the background…looks like Kendrick Mountain trail to me…you know,  they say, “Judge a teacher by the character of his or her students,”…ilg says;  JUDGE ME!  Dharma Blessings, Raven Sister!  May this help your Noble Effort…say hello to Boulder for me!   (Raven just interviewed me for athlete/alternative healings…more on that later…).   enjoy your In-Dependence Day weekend by spilling a ton of Sacred Sweat matched by a high volume of Sitting Still!

FREEDOM – I am ashamed to say, is something I have not thought about for much of my 35 years in this body. Born a white American woman to a solid and nurturing family, I have never had to or chosen to fight for the liberty I so thoroughly enjoy.
I do, however, take complete advantage of this privilege – living fully and pushing the limits of my ability to come and go as I please beyond what is comfortable for most. Many who meet me accuse me of being a free spirit. I am guilty as charged because this is the only honest and authentic way that I know how to navigate through life.
Recently, I have had the fortune to spend time with incredible individuals who have defended my freedom – our freedom – with their bodies, hearts and spirits. These military veterans gave of themselves and gave up immeasurable amounts to protect our land, our rights and our way of life….and their giving continues even though they are home.
Getting to know these men and women – some who fought in Vietnam and some who enlisted in response to the attack on the Towers –  has changed me. As I come to understand even a miniscule fraction of what they have been through and what they have sacrificed, I can no longer take for granted the fact that I am free.
With the passing of Memorial Day on which we remembered those who have died in service to our nation, I’d ask you to also consider those men and women who have made it home. It may seem as if they’ve made it through the toughest part – being in the military – but this is not necessarily the case. The transition back to civilian life is full of challenges; depression, substance abuse, incarceration and homelessness plague many and over 18 US military veterans commit suicide each day.
Let that number really sink in for a minute…At least 18 military veterans kill themselves EACH day.
Regardless of what you think of war– it is clear that we are not doing enough to support the brave men and women who choose to defend our freedom. In my opinion, it’s simple: They have fought for us and now it’s our duty and our responsibility to fight for them.
But, since you know me, you are well aware that I’m not much of a fighter. I giggle and collapse when my brothers try to wrestle me to the ground, I cover my eyes at violent movies and I go to great lengths to save spiders by bringing them outside….Clearly, I’m not cut out for or brave enough to fight next to the folks on the front lines, but I am a fighter in my own way. I defend what I believe in and I speak up for the people and the places that need a voice.
And, I’m at it again. On July 3rd, I’m going to run the Copper Mountain Trail Half Marathon to raise awareness and funds for Veterans Expeditions – a Boulder –based organization working to reverse the negative trends that plague many of the 2.3 million veterans in the US.  Veterans Expeditions uses wilderness challenges to connect veterans, create community and raise awareness. If you’ve ever spent time in nature and experienced the incredible things that can happen in the outdoors – you understand how beneficial an organization like this could be.
I’m not asking you to run with me, but PLEASE join me in honoring those who have served by sponsoring me on the run. Your cash will power me up the mountains as I run (or more like jog slowly while not really breathing) through the Rockies and will go directly to sponsoring a veteran on an upcoming expedition.
Feel free to make donations in increments of 18 ($18, 36, 72, 180, 360, 1800) – to show solidarity for the Stop 18! Campaign that VetEx is also spear-heading.
Donations can be made online at: http://www.freedomrun.myevent.com/ or by sending a check made out to American Alpine Club/Veterans Expeditions to my new address: 290 Hawthorn Ave, Boulder, CO 80304.  Feel free to send this along to friends, family, veterans, runners and anyone else you think might be interested.
Thanks very much for your continued support. Enjoy the onset of summer and take care of each other.
Lots of love,
**The American Alpine Club is their fiscal sponsor while they apply for their own 501c3, but all the money still goes to help Veterans.

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  1. py says:

    way to go Raven Sister!
    may we all treasure the gift of our freedom for those who have none.
    Om Mani Padme Hung

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