dewa face@3.5

when Dewa asks me for advice?  I’m kicking back some Dr. Seuss dharma: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

s(om)etimes a simple look from Dewachen stares into me from a Realm so greatly distant from my ordinary reality that my flesh eyes and brain cannot even conceive of the scale.  It seems so vast…beyond my capacity to measure, let alone write about it.  all ilg knows is that when i hold Her gaze, my own sordid and sorry mindstate instantly purifies, makes me want to Rise Higher, seemingly stripped of its innumerable faults….

please enjoy some Dewa Dharma as we visit Haviland Lake for an evening…the above pic was taken by Ananda…

dewa butterfly

Summer hit the solstice running with heat as high as Milarepa’s tapasaya…so, we mountain folk do what all those blessed with cOMmon sense do in the thick heat of summer;  run for the hills!

Dewa is pretty easily re-calibrated for summer ventures;  give her a butterfly net and she’s immersed into a zen realm thick with Pureland infatuation of It All…pic by coach

dewa' first fishing pole

Abba (in the pink Conductor Cap, photo left) helps Dewa The Conductor thread fishing line through the eyelets of her first fishing pole.

Dewa has already caught two Fish Beings on Daddy’s pole.  it was time for Dewa to have her own pole as she continues to first hand experience the killing of other Beings for the continuance of her own life…no McDonald’s prettily packaged “McFillets” or whatever they call them for her…she is being trained in the blood and guts and deep hearted ritual of genuine skills of killing, give-away, and prayer.  “We all kill, honey” i tell her as she throbs her naked little limbs in my equally naked lap.  “Even yogis, Father?” she responds.  “Yes, Daughter, even yogis…”  even yogis kill…in many Ways.  and, it’s Higher to admit it,  Higher to know it, Higher to feel it, Higher to own it fully in our cells than to mask it in pretense.  if we drive a car?  if we wear shoes?  if we wear jeans or even tie-dyed t’s?   fact is: we kill many Beings whether we call ourselves ‘vegan’ or otherwise.  pic by Amma

dewa daddy fishing

Dewa requires no Great Vows nor lectures on Noble Truth…her cause is the core of her unblemished heart…no pre-schools, no vaccinations, no reliance on baby-sitters…just the rubbing together of the two sticks of her parents to create the tapas of her own Awareness. pic by Amma.

dewa fishin

yes, that is a tutu under her preserver and no,  i really cannot endorse her right ankle eversion as a standing posture…however, when you’re 3 you can get away with stuff like that!  this and all following pics by coach.

dewa mom rafting

what is it about summer that says, hec yeah, let’s jump into the snowmelt water, and go rafting, and go camping with all our friends every weekend and ride bikes everywhere and eat from our garden directly and yogi squat in awe over each dandelion burgeoning and watch every sunset until our cells shudder with Dharma?

dewa hiking

… and what is it about raising a chi-ld in Colorado that seems to make the difference of lifetimes?

dewa mom dinner at haviland

nothing sparks an appetite for a young one than outdoor fun, frolic, and focus…yep, that is my beer in the foreground on the picnic table;  a Silverton microbrew, “Ice Pick Ale.”  it’s fantastic.  my early morning run in the San Juan National Forest certainly warranted its consumption!  WF Nutritional Principle:  Earned Sustenance.

dewa naked reach

It is said in the Sacred Scriptures that in Dewachen, “The ground is not hard.  It is soft and if you fall on it, you would bounce… The abundant trees are wish fulfilling jewel trees which grant you whatever you need…

pine sunset

…and the branches of these wish-fulling trees are filled with birds of many kinds all of which are emanations of Amitabha Buddha; they sing the Dharma in such a way as to delight and enlight(en)…”

May your sweat and stillness serve to purify cyclic existence…

head bowed,

el coache

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