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Our question today comes from hard-core mountain athlete, Peter, from up the road in Silverton, Colorado…(who kicked my ass at last week’s Kendall Mountain Half Marathon!)…
Hey Coach,
I’m a long time fan…I know your yoga classes are legendary for being tough so I want to “ease” into it if you know what I mean…which are harder, your Monday or Wednesday classes?

Namaste Peter,
well, i don’t about my yoga classes being of ‘legendary’ status, however, we have been having a whole lot of focused fun and effective training effects since 1982! Typically, classes are less intense at the beginning of each month before we slowly start racheting it up.

Monday’s are more traditional Hatha Yoga with an HP twist (of course!), while Wednesday’s “HP PROP WORKOUTS” are a one of a kind functional fitness immersed with the science of asana. Taking both classes each week results in a super wholistic training effect.

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Blessed be thy sweat…


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