Typical street scene, Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico, this and all photos by myself

last week, i was called onto a commercial shoot “Looking Out For Something” (you won’t see it unless you live in Holland) in New Mexico for some technical rigging/rock safety work on a sandstone pinnacle near Georgia O’Keefe’s ‘Ghost Ranch.’…here are some images from along the way…


does anything close the gap between your prakriti and purusha than a juxtaposition of a cholla cacti against a bullet-blue trademark New Mexico sky?   not for me..


…and when those trademark blue skies temporarily turn cloudy?  the sandstone spires seem to melt into a soft surrender of surreal texture…here are several geologic era’s represented among the strata…dakota, morrison, entrada, and other formations i’ve long forgotten since my life as a rock climber…what matters most however? is the depth of heartsmile which arises as i gaze upon my beloved New Mexican scapes…




…a modern – yet still ancient-looking – structure near my old home of Poaquque – caught in evening Brahmamurhurti.   see my Teachings Archives; August, 2004


…4:15 AM…REALLY!?!?!  a not uncommon call sheet time…

trust me,  great movies are made by super, duper, nuper tired people!

i was on set from 4:15 am to 10:30 pm…


…some of my gear for my tech work on the early morning set…though rock climbing seems like a lifetime ago (it was!)…i’m also grooved to its nature so much that rock climbing is like second nature…i’m sooo much better at kinesthetic sports/skills than i am endurance sports – which is precisely why i continue to pursue my weak links in this lifetime instead of my strengths…that is WF philosophy in a nutshell:  Screw what you are already go(o)d at;  that won’t grow you spiritually…instead, focus on that which you suck at!  THEREIN likes your wholistic opportunity!


…and must thee really wonder why artists of all types have flocked to New Mexico for the past 1,000 years?…c’mon…


…three generations of some of my beloved New Mexico friends at the Key Grip’s killer rad hacienda during a lunch break in the shoot; most of the tech crew is on the right side of the photo including the “hot babe” standing far right and the Dutch star showed sleeping to her right.  i guess a recent poll in Holland said that over 60% of women wanted this particular male star to marry them.  i must say, he is pretty stinkin’ good-looking.  and, he is a yogi; we had a great connection…same with the “hot babe” who is also a devoted yogini and now wants to be a HP Yoga Teacher after her and i shared a Dharmatalk on the drive back to the hotel…i feel so at h(om)e in New Mexico…all ways have…it’s a re-incarnation thing if you know what i mean. and i know at least sOMe of you do!   😉


…a fast classic car, hot babes (both genders), a closed NM highway, the killer NM sky and earth, and what do you got?

a heaven of a location shoot!


the heli takes off with the lead actor before i’m called in…i reckon if i had it all over to do again?  i’d be a ‘copter pilot…

what boy wouldn’t!?!?

2 Responses to “so, you think you want to be in the movies?…images from my NM commerical shoot”

  1. Kevin Burnett says:

    Had my first ‘copter ride last year. We landed on the side of a mountain and when we took off the pilot basically ahd the thing fall off the side. We had a moment of freefall and then powered up and away. No words to describe how I felt in that moment …

    Really liked the photos Coach.

  2. coach says:

    awesome, and thanks!
    you know, DaVinci ‘created the notion of’ the helicopter by studying the aerodynamics of a hummingbird…
    Blessed be thy Practice,

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