Noble Sangha,

pics (below) from Day 2 of a 3-Day Practice Build:

Thursday: MTB Intervals into HP Yoga™ PROP,

Today: 15-mile, 3,000′  MTB hill climb to 9,550′  (and back…before breakfast),

Tomorrow: Kennebec Challenge  (a 14-mile footrace topping out at 12,200′)…

May All Beings Get Out and spill the Sacred Sweat…

from the High Peaks,



Aspen Beings being…well, Aspen Beings…May they live long and prosper.  approaching the top of the climb….


typically scintillating San Juans in summer…rocketing down the from the top of the climb, the intoxicating rush and dazzle of wildflowers and berries make for a disorienting – yet sacred – descent; like falling through a perfumed kaleidoscope!

high point

they don’t call it High Point for nothing: suspended 3,000’+ over Durango at elevation 9,550′ this is the classic personal MTB Time Trial test among locals. it took me 1:50 minutes to cover the 15.1 mile route from my casa this morning. and 60 minutes back down! How Stinkin’ Blessed are we?!!?!?

lewis peak

Lewis Peak winking between firs…

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