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Staying in the postures and paying attention to detail concentrates the mind and makes it calm. It enhances the capacity for reflection. The body also becomes strong and steady. Firmness of body and mind are necessary for meditation. – Iygengar


i get asked a lot about Handstand.  usually, i reply; “Don’t use walls, ropes, or pulleys.  Practice Bakasana (Crane Pose), a lot of Chaturanga’s and hours of core work,  just like in my HP PROP Workout™.”

i say this because “Downward Facing  Tree” which is what the Sanskrit name means, requires maturity from roots, just like a tree.   in this case however,  your ‘roots’ are your hands instead of your feet.  so, in the same way a rock climber must steadfastly train his or her finger strength for crucial contact strength of the connective tissues of the fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows…so too, the yogin must use HP PROP Workouts™ to develop the roots for Handstand.

you see, most of you will not able to stabilize the posture from the scapula’s.  and the scapula’s are only fixed onto the back by muscles, ligaments, tendons.  that is why it is very dangerous to kick up onto walls and dangle from ropes while learning Handstand…you won’t be training the anatomical, physiological, or the energetic network which is the ultimate aim of this posture.  in other words, you might be able to pull off a Handstand,  yet, you’ll leave the best part of your psychospiritual/chakra development behind;  you must face the dragon of strength and focus nakedly in order to allow this exquisite posture to bleed beautifully into your meditation efforts.

pace yourself for years, decades, if need be.

each morning, i conclude my Early Morning Ritual by reciting The Lords Prayer at least once while sustaining Downward Facing Tree…this ‘roots’ my spiritual efforts to stay grounded for the day ahead.

– Blessed be thy sweat,

el coache

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