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this Gong is being rung for my devoted student; Roberto Crespo of Pasadena, CA…

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As you may know I recently joined the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue team, the oldest volunteer mountain rescue team in California.  I started my training in March of 2010 and received my Mountain Rescue Association certification (aka the Blue Patch) in June of 2011.  I am proud to say that I am a member of this team, and this year we are celebrating our 60th anniversary of serving our community thru Search and Rescue operations as well as providing wilderness safety education geared towards children.

We are having our 60th anniversary celebration in October and we are asking for community sponsorship of our events. We will have a banquet and a community open house. We are publishing 1000 full color copies of a commemorative booklet that we’ll be distributing at the banquet and open house, and at the Adams Pack Station, REI, and the Arcadia, Monrovia, San Marino and Sierra Madre public libraries.  In addition, a PDF version of the booklet will be available on our website as well as the team’s Facebook page.  The booklet will be in full color and will have safe hiking tips, photos, team history and space for sponsor’s messages and logos.  Sponsorship ranges from $50 (1/8 pages) up to $300 (full page) for personalized messages to the team and local community.

Any remaining funds will go into the team’s general fund to support our SAR expenses in the future.  We operate solely on private donations and do not receive government funds of any kind.

Please email me at:


if you are interested in supporting our team during this landmark year.

Here’s to life,

Wholistic Fitness™ student,  Roberto I. Crespo

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