big mouth spring

this is a Beyond Words Teaching…

if you don’t re-Member this face,  this chi?

then, trust me,  you ain’t WF.

and yes,  that is a scalp-badge below His right shoulder juxtaposed with a sweet-grass bundle in His right hand.

you and i would charge into the BattleDance under the coaching of this Elder…do you reMember when you were not so paralyzed by the fear of dying but were rather empowered by the honor of entering the Bardo under the Chi of such an Elder?

can you recall all the killings we did as Warriors?

and the deaths and tortures?

and you still wonder why your hips are tight?

why you are so repulsed by the sophomoric inane platitudes and behaviors of the common man?

have you, yourself, begun to close down to the Connection within the Universal Fabric of all your countless lives as a Warrior?

as Sogyal Rinpoche teaches us;

In death all the components of the body and mind are stripped away and disintegrate. As the body dies, the senses and subtle elements dissolve, and this is followed by the death of the ordinary aspect of the mind, with all its negative emotions of anger, desire, and ignorance. Finally nothing remains to obscure our true nature, as everything that in life has clouded the enlightened mind has fallen away. And what is revealed is the primordial ground of our absolute nature, which is like a pure and cloudless sky.

This is called the dawning of the Ground Luminosity, or Clear Light, where consciousness itself dissolves into the all-encompassing space of truth.


These teachings on the bardos come from the wisdom mind of the buddhas, who can see life and death in the way you and i can look into the palms of our hands…

If we can practice in the bardo of this life, and go deeper and deeper into the nature of our mind, then we can discover this knowledge of the bardos, and the truth of these teachings will unfold in us by itself. That is why the natural bardo of this life is of the utmost importance. It is here and now that the whole preparation for all the bardos takes place.

The supreme way of working out?  Is to workout in this moment,  to become Awake in this miraculous moment.


If you are not using your fitness training for your Death,

what ARE you training for?

a podium?…phooof!

a trophy?…phooof!

a bad back?….phooof!

recognition? fame?  money?


all like a deck of cards collapsing when we cannot take another inhale….

if you are not in WF Online Training?

chances are likely;

you are NOT trained effectively for the Workout which lies beyond your last Gasp…

online training openings available for sincere students…sliding scale based upon sincerity to study always available…what, are you gonna try to tell ME that something else is MORE important for your treasured money?… we’ve got work to do… a lot of (inner) work(outs) to do before you die, so let’s saddle up and Begin Again…

do the WORK, yogi!   this life is as fast as a bolt of lightning…be prepared!


Again, and again, and endlessly again until Enlightenment…

One Response to “(all access) Tribal Elder…Big Mouth Spring…”

  1. Monty Mason says:

    Ahhhh, another priceless teaching from the teacher of teachers. Worthy of being read and in-grained over and over again. So accurate, so timely as they all seem to be!

    As a current on-line student of this lofty path it occurs to me that if you are here reading this/these teachings then you no doubt have an interest in this journey. I myself walked around the temple peaking in the windows for awhile, wondering what exactly could be soooo different and unique about this way of Training. I suppose I even tried to rationalize monetary cost justifications for a “commodity” such as this.

    There!!!! There!!!! is where I was in error. To categorize this Training protocol as a commodity is a mistake. The life lessons that surely surface and penetrate it seems every nano second of every day hold immeasurable value. The inner work is steering the ship my friends, anyone can teach and tell you how many sets/reps to do in a bench press, if that’s the goal, please look for the commodity that serves that purpose.

    When you are ready to work on yourself to benefit the greater good of others, I say from experience,,,,,knock on this temple door and you will be greeted by the most caring, nurturing, honest lessons that you can wrap your mind and heart around!

    head bowed from the bottom of the steps,,,,,

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